The investigation into the DeWitt murders on Beaumont Road was one of the most publicized of our time. Hundreds of law enforcement officials compiled their resources to find possible motives and perpetrators that may have had reason to commit these vile and savage acts. Media coverage occurred in record breaking proportions and lasted for months after the murders took place. There was never a single lead in the crime.

Police officials spent months gathering possible clues and photographing the crime scene. In the days following the murders, investigators from fifteen different districts dispatched their best and most talented detectives to help in the efforts, and several police forces were utilized to contain public interest in the murder site. People flocked from around the country to view the place where their beloved DeLongpre had perished and to mourn her loss.

The details of the murders were so gruesome that many officials had to be removed from the case. The bodies of the victims were mutilated beyond recognition and some officers could not continue.

One detective was quoted as saying, "In all of my years of criminal investigation, I have never encountered such a ghastly and bloody crime scene, nor have I ever imagined that I would ever see anything that could compare to it. It is simply the most horrible and senseless loss of life I have ever come across." The partial crime scene photographs speak to this statement in total truth.

Many investigators have since attempted to solve the crime, and all have come up empty handed. One thing remains true to this day, and that is that someone prepared carefully to commit these murders.

That someone made sure they would not be caught, as thirty-six years have passed with no breaks in the famous DeWitt murder case. Even today many detectives ask to re-open the case and attempt to try and solve the mystery behind the brutal slaughter. Each and every time, these attempts fall short and lead back to nothing. Will there ever be an answer? Will the mystery ever be solved?

Even the public is still anxious for answers, and today tourist and fans still visit the site of the murders to leave flowers and notes for the victims, all pinned carefully to the cordoned off area that is still barricaded and only accessible by police and crime scene officials. It is not uncommon to see anywhere from fifty to one hundred visitors at the site in a single day.

Perhaps one day we will have answers, perhaps we will never know what happened on that night. One thing remains, and that is the four victims have not been forgotten and probably never will be.


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