After countless investigations of the victims' wounds, forensic investigators were able to determine with complete conviction that at least four weapons had been used in the brutal slaying.  Though three of the four murder weapons were eventually found, one of them -- a 10 inch hunting knife -- was not.

Above is an artistís depiction of the knife that was never found and is assumed to be the primary murder weapon on the night of the killings. The knife would answer many questions.

Weapons investigators have long since searched for this infamous hunting knife that was used to carve the victims into bloody heaps strewn about the glamorous mansion. It is said to be somewhere on the property and it is simply hidden so well that thirty-six years of investigation have been unfruitful in attempts to recover the only relic that could offer hope to one day solving the famous mystery.

If the knife is ever found, it may still contain the blood of any or all of the victims, because wounds from the bodies have been matched to the shape of the blade.


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